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Welcome to FIREFLY HAVEN a place to find your inner Zen.

Through mindfulness, brain training and understanding how your mind and energy work you can change how you feel and move through life with more ease. 

Heidi Seastrand has her Master's in Clinical Psychology and specializes in Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching, and Holistic Healing. With over 20+ years experience in helping individuals, couples and families feel and function better, it's Heidi's mission to help her clients achieve optimal

wellness and personal success. 


By unlocking your minds natural healing abilities through brain training and holistic therapy you can experience a life transformation. When you work with Heidi you are in excellent hands with expert guidance and personalized professional care. With knowledge, support and structure you can overcome any obstacle,

feel good and live your best life!

Sessions are offered both in person and on the phone depending on treatment plan.


Click here to learn more about services and contact Heidi today!

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