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 Welcome to FIREFLY HAVEN 

Hi, I'm Heidi Seastrand, M.A. Are you feeling stuck or struggling with life right now? I can help! I provide a personalized treatment plan using Clinical Psychology, Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching, and Holistic Healing offering a unique and comprehensive approach to mental health.

Neurofeedback Therapy helps to retrain the brain to better regulate emotions and behaviors. It helps to balance the brain's electrical activity, improving mental health symptoms. Including one's ability to focus, reduce stress and improve sleep and feel more mentally and emotionally balanced.


Human Design Coaching helps to better understand one's unique personality and inherited strengths and challenges. It's helpful in creating an action plan for achieving personal goals. It provides understanding, new skills, structure and guidance for making difficult decisions and life changes with more ease.

Holistic Healing incorporates treatments and therapeutic techniques that focus on bringing balance and relief to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. This intuitive process promotes overall self-awareness, inner knowing, trust and greater self-esteem. It helps you heal and take action with confidence.

Sessions are done in person or via phone depending on treatment plan and therapy goals.

 Menu of Services 

About Heidi Seastrand, M.A.

Heidi has her Master's in Clinical Psychology and specializes in Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching, Holistic Healing and Chakra Balancing.

With over 20+ years experience in helping individuals, couples and families feel and function better, it's Heidi's mission to help her clients achieve optimal wellness and personal success. 

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