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Question and Answers

 Since Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching, Holistic Healing and Chakra Balancing are relatively new in western medicine there are many questions on how this healing process works with clinical psychology.


Clinical psychology focuses on the scientific diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and illnesses, while intuitive healing works to access the body and minds own energy field to identify and treat the underlying causes of mental health issues. By combining these modalities it allows for benefits from both the scientific and spiritual aspects of healing.

How Can It Help

Holistic Therapy and Neurofeedback

can help reduce symptoms of:





Sleep Problems

Learning Difficulties

Emotional Instabilities

Sensory Processing

Low Self-Esteem



What you can expect is less symptoms with more self-regulation with mental and emotional flexibility.

You will manage your life with more ease!

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Intake Session

Initial Session takes about 2 hours and includes a plan and treatment. During this process Heidi will go over symptoms you are currently experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Heidi will use your Human Design to identify your strengths and begin to guide you in a direction for personal success with clarity. Neurofeedback protocols and overviews of brainwave function will be reviewed and explained.

On Going Sessions

Ongoing Support is recommended for optimal success! After the initial Intake Session following sessions are one hour in duration on phone or in person. Heidi will check-in review your symptoms, challenges and goals to best guide you on a journey of transformation. It is important for you to report your new awareness' and experiences through out the process. This allows Heidi to adjust the protocols and navigate the treatment plan and therapy sessions for ultimate success.

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How Does It Works

By unlocking your minds natural healing abilities with

brain training and holistic therapy you can experience a

reduction of symptoms and feel better.

Wellbeing is an experience that comes from within!


Neurofeedback is relaxing. You are sitting in a recliner

while sensors are gently placed on your scalp. The sensors

read your brainwaves much like a stethoscope

listens to your heart beat.


Brainwaves transmit to the therapists computer, where they

are displayed and recorded. This reflects your brain's activity

and gives you instantaneous feedback as to how you

are processing it in your mind and body. Protocols are set

to increase and decrease selected brainwave

frequencies to create strength, balance,

flexibility and overall improved function.

What About Medication

If you are taking medication it is important to work with your medical doctor. Often clients experience a need to reduce medications

as their symptoms improve.

This process is holistic and complementary to other treatment approaches, and can assist

them to work more effectively.

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When Will I See Results

The first session! With Heidi's expertise and state of

the art technology you'll strengthen your mind, calm your

nervous system, regulates your emotions and

improve your mental abilities.

Holistic Therapy is good for everybody regardless of age!

Generally a minimum of 20-40 sessions is recommended

for long-term results. The goal is to receive enough

training and new skills to ensure consistent and

lasting benefits not just short term relief.

Sessions are offered both in person and on the phone depending on services and treatment plan.

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"With Overall Greater Self-Awareness,

 Inner Calm, Trust and Greater

Self-Esteem Anything is Possible!"

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