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Neurofeedback Therapy

Though years of experience Heidi Seastrand, M.A. has developed her own approach to using neurofeedback. She specializes in the treatment of trauma and how it effects the deep subconscious in the amygdala causing many mental health issues like anxiety and depression.


Neurofeedback is a state of the art form of brain training that is used to treat a variety of conditions, from anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleep issues and all types of underlying trauma. 

It works by using brainwave monitoring technology to measure and provide feedback to the client about their brainwave activity. This non invasive therapy works by measuring the electrical activity of the brain and provides feedback in real time. Through this feedback changes are able to be made in the mind and body.

The feedback helps the user become aware of and regulate their own brainwave activity, allowing them to reduce stress and modify their behavior and thought patterns. Allowing them to feel more relaxed and present.

Neurofeedback can be used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, and it is a safe and non-invasive option for people of all ages. What I love about this modality is that it is designed for long term results. It works well with medications and other forms of therapy. It rapidly helps improve sleep, concentration, mood, mental clarity, focus and your over all outlook on life. 

This modality is done in person along with Holistic Therapy and Human Design Coaching. Each session in customized to your current needs.

This therapeutic treatment can be a powerful tool for creating a healthier and happier life .

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