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Holistic Healing

I Have my Masters in Clinical Psychology and specialize in Holistic Therapy. I focus on the whole person not just the symptoms. I believe that mental health takes into account all aspects of an individual's life, including physical, emotional, spiritual and social health.

My holistic therapy approach to mental health incorporates these aspects in order to help my client gain insight and understanding into their mental health issues, while also working to create positive changes in their life and relationships.

I am a person-centered therapist, emphasizing the importance of my clients strengths and resources, helping them to develop awareness and skills to achieve their goals. My goal is to help my clients find balance and harmony in their lives so that they can live their best life.

Intuitive Healing techniques are a form of holistic healing. These techniques involve connecting to your inner self or intuition. This practice is based on the belief that by connecting to your inner knowing and understanding your needs you can heal yourself.


Holistic therapy can help you to address underlying issues, find clarity, awareness and inner peace by make positive changes in your life through structure and support.


These holistic techniques can be used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments or as a stand alone form of therapy.


This modality is done in-person or via phone.

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