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 Miles Our Pit Bull Rescue 

Meet Miles!

Heidi rescued Miles on August 5th 2023 from Skid Row outside of Compton California.

He was on a & 72 hour kill notice. Which meant that if he didn't find a home fast he was going to get put down. Look at that face?! There was no way we could let this beautiful baby boy die for no good reason!  So we hopped in the car and drove to

Compton which is about 4 hours away. He was worth the drive!

 Please donate so we can help other pups like Miles find a better home


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 Welcome Home Miles 

If you feel in your heart to donate to the cost of Mile's Rescue, we are accepting donations of any size!


Miles had been in the shelter for 4 months before getting rescued. It was pretty rough on him! His prior owners left him at the shelter and took off to Las Vegas.

We are taking him to the vet and to get him proper care. He has had a hard journey thus far! He has sores all over his legs from the concrete and his back legs

are hurting him, he's limping and having a hard

time walking I'm putting Vitamin E on his 

sores and CBD on his back legs.

He also needs to go to the dentist and get his teeth cleaned. They are very yellow and his breath is not so fresh to say the least. Poor beautiful boy!

We hadn't planned for this rescue it was just a gut response to go get him. His sweet face and tragic story tugged on our heart strings. This will all cost quite a bit so any help you can give would be super appreciated!!

We want to be sure to give Miles the care he needs and deserves. Along with other Pit Bulls that need to be rescued. Thank you for your love and support!

 We Thanks You! 


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Trees From Above
Trees From Above
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