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Human Design Coaching

Human Design is a system of self discovery that uses ancient wisdom, modern science and the power of intuition to help individuals understand their unique purpose and potential.


It is based on the idea that each of us is born with a unique energetic blueprint that can be use to unlock your highest potential. In our sessions we will use this knowledge as a tool to develop skills to move through life with greater clarity and ease. It helps to improve your relationships with others and have better understand of where you take in other peoples energy and how it affects you. 

The benefits of Human Design are that it allows you to identify your strengths and challenges your talents and your life purpose. By understanding your strategy and authority,  you can find clarity and direction in life and make better decisions and have healthier relationships.

This modality helps you to understand yourself better, and to use your unique energies in alignment with your true nature. It helps you to better understand the human condition.


The benefits of human design include self-awareness, improved decision making, increased clarity, better communication and a more meaningful life with purpose. It also helps you to be your true self and embrace your authentic power. A great tool for individual or couples therapy, parenting, business partners, family dynamics, friends and lovers.

Human Design Coaching is useful in conjunction with Holistic Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Neurofeedback Therapy but can be used independently in person or via phone.

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